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Dear Member

We are lucky to have such a successful and active club. Being a members’ club, this success depends on everyone volunteering their help whenever possible.

Every racing sailing member 16 or over is required to do 2 duties per year as a minimum. Non-sailing members often volunteer duties and some sailing members offer extra help on top of their 2 duties which we are very grateful for.

Which type of duty to sign up for?
Log in to DutyMan to view more details about what’s involved, but in brief:
If you are an experienced racing member, please volunteer for a Chief OD duty.
If you have less race experience but are interested in race management the Assistant OD is a great way to learn.

How to sign up for Duties using DutyMan
Having connected to DutyMan you need to log on using the Username and Password already supplied. If you can’t remember just follow the instructions. Having logged on you will see down the right hand side of the screen a list of tabs. Use these to either confirm duties already signed up to, volunteer for new duties, request a swap or print your duty dates.

Detailed information about what each duty entails can be found here.

It is your responsibility as a member to remember when your duties are and arrange a swap if you are unable to do your duty. The member seeking to exchange a duty has the responsibility for the duty until the exchange is arranged and confirmed by the Duty Team . If you don’t turn up racing may not be able to take place.

You book your duties using the Duty Allocation Form on a first come first served basis, crewing members should book the same dates as their Helm. Any unallocated dates will be auto allocated to those who have not booked the minimum requirement.

Swapping Duties
There will be unforeseen circumstances when you will not be able to do your scheduled duty, it is your responsibility as a member to arrange a swap. The member seeking to exchange a duty has the responsibility for the duty until the exchange is arranged & confirmed by the Duty Team.

To arrange a swap log in to DutyMan – Online duty rota. This is an internet-based copy of the Club’s duty rota which allows members to contact others doing similar duties to request a swap. It is simple to use and probably the most efficient method of swapping.

Another way, for those without the Internet is to ask Dave Rowe in the Shop.

William Whittaker
Rear Commodore Sail

PS. Dutyman is not currently compatible with Internet Explorer version 11. It works fine with google chrome, opera, sarari and Mozilla browsers.