New Pursuit race PYs

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It has been highlighted that PY numbers updated in March each year by the RYA are used from the Easter bank holiday pursuit race onwards after the series has already started. I am not sure how this began but changing the rules of a race series after it has started is not very logical or fair. Therefore as we were already planning changes for the pursuit races when the new series started we thought we would simpler to change it now. Therefore the new series will run from Easter each year, this brings it in line with the RYA changes and the membership year. In addition to this we will adopt the handicap series that Draycote help produce; the great lakes PY. These PY figures are for inland waters and we as a club help define them, so it seems logical that we adopt them.

The Great Lakes PY numbers are devised by a  committee from a group of clubs comprising Queen Mary, Rutland, Grafham, Draycote (yes us!), Northampton & Yorkshire Dales SC originally but now include race data from Sailjuice series events at Datchet and Oxford. The data is based on inland open water club results only so provide slightly different numbers to the national system which includes data from coastal clubs. The numbers are calculated using real data from race timings taken only from handicap races on inland lakes. The results are then plugged in to the RYA PYS website online which combines all of the results and produces a suggested number for each class. The reason the numbers differ from RYA numbers is because they are from a smaller sample of inland clubs, and the Great Lakes committee remove more of the poor performers from each race than the RYA does by default before the calculations are run.

Please see attached the updated handicap figures for the coming series starting Monday here