Signing On

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In recent months we have experienced great sailing and windsurfer conditions with strong winds and therefore we have seen the club busy, which is great. However with better weather and an increase in numbers at the club it is clear that we need to remind all members of the club rule with regards signing on and off the water when you use the lake. We have had a number of incidents where members have got into trouble and the bosun did not know they were launching or even on site. Signing on and off the water is a requirement for all members when carrying out any activity on the water. This is not just a club rule, but a requirement of our lease with Seven Trent. It is therefore mandatory as a legal and safety requirement that members sign on and off the water in accordance with the club rules. Whilst the club water is open, the bosuns do not watch the water at all times as they have other duties to undertake. Therefore unless members sign on and bring it to the attention of the bosun they maybe unaware of boats and windsurfers launching. In addition to this we ask  parents and nominated guardians to liaise with the bosun face to face before launching juniors. This is important so a sailing area can be set out depending on competence, signals established, and if capsize practice is to be done the bosuns know about it.

Therefore please ensure that every time you go on and come off the water you sign on and off at the club house and you liaise with the bosun face to face over junior launches. Failure to do so is a breach of club rules and puts you at unnecessary risk.

Thanks for your cooperation on this and we hope you enjoy a great summer at the club!


William                                 David

Rear Comm Sail                 Water Manager