Summer Racing News & Training

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  • Summer racing series starts on Sunday 29th March
  • Extra warm up race in the morning
  • Shorter warning period
  • OOD refresher training on Wednesday 18th March


More Racing On Sundays!

Following the trials over the winter, the Club is introducing an additional race to Sunday mornings from the start of the summer series on Sunday 29th March. This will give additional time racing to those who want (more bang for their buck!) while maintaining the existing races unchanged.


The new warm up race will be a short course race (laps of c. 8-10 minutes) with 3 starts, lasting no more than 30 minutes from the last start. The first warning signal will be at 10.15. It is not expected that fleets will include this race in their series – it is, as it says on the tin, a warm up race.


The traditional Race 1 (Sunday morning race) will run as usual with the 6 starts (or 7, the first Sunday of each month with Get Racing, the Novice & Junior race), aiming for an hour long race for all competitors. The first warning signal will be not before 11.00.


Race 2 (Sunday afternoon race) will be exactly the same format as Race 1 and now – with 6 or 7 starts, aiming for an hour long race. The first warning signal will be not before 13.15.


And then there will continue to be the mass start Race 3, with the warning signal not before 15.30.


Shorter Warning Period

The other new element being introduced is that there will be only a minute between the first warning signal and the first preparatory signal – meaning that we spend less time hanging around!


The full Sunday programme from Sunday 29th March 2015 until further notice will be:


Warm Up Race Not before Race 2 Not before
Warning 10.15 Warning 13.15
Preparatory 10.16 Preparatory 13.16
Start 1 PY 1000 & below 10.19 Start 1 Fireball 13.19
Start 2 PY 1001 to 1100 10.22 Start 2 Flying Fifteen 13.22
Start 3 PY 1101+ 10.25 Start 3 Laser 13.25
Finish By 10.55 Start 4 Solo 13.28
Start 5 Miracle / Slow 13.31
Race 1 Start 6 Fast / Med / Wind/Lee 13.34
Warning 11.00 (Start 7) (Get Racing) (13.37)
Preparatory 11.01
Start 1 Fireball 11.04 Race 3 (Summer only)
Start 2 Flying Fifteen 11.07 Warning 15.30
Start 3 Laser 11.10 Preparatory 15.31
Start 4 Solo 11.13 Mass start 15.34
Start 5 Miracle / Slow 11.16
Start 6 Fast / Med / Wind/Lee 11.19
(Start 7) (Get Racing) (11.22)


OOD Refresher Training

The OOD Refresher Training will be run on Wednesday 18th March in the Clubhouse at 7.30pm. This has been fully updated to cover the additional race and shorter warning period. It will be a chance to brush up on what is required of the OOD team and the implications of this new format.