Club Racing Winter Series

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Well summer is now officially over (at least for those who race)!  Sunday 18th October was the last day of the Summer series (with sadly no racing) and Sunday 25th October will be the first day of the Winter series.

Back to Fleet Racing

To get racing back in the summer and to allow for the slowly changing Covid-19 regulations we have been doing ‘Wednesday-style’ average lap racing on Sundays. For the Winter series we move back to fleet racing and welcome a new fleet, the Aero, to the start line. Unfortunately, the Solos have been displaced as they haven’t been able to get sufficient numbers out every Sunday, but I’m sure they will continue to run their series and will be welcomed by the other boats on the Menagerie start.

The start sequence will now be:

Menagerie will remain on timed, average lap racing, but the fleets will be doing set distance racing with no times being taken as previously.

Back to Racers Being OD

The staff have done a fantastic job running the racing over the summer and, with the new automated starting system, have shown how racing can be run by just one person.
But this has come at a cost which is not sustainable for the number of boats we have racing and has been made more difficult with Owen’s departure (although some of you may have noticed he’s been back working a few times having left!). So now it is back to people who participate in racing running the racing.
For the rest of 2020 this will be on a volunteer basis. Anyone who would like to, and particularly those who didn’t have to do their duties during the summer because the staff were doing them, are asked to volunteer to be the race team (send e-mail to Running the racing is fun and I guarantee most people will learn a lot from doing it.
From 1st January we will be back to DutyMan and the notice for this will be sent out at the start of November as usual.
As the staff have proved, the race team can now be one person, but we will be aiming to get 2 people to do it. This is down from the 3 previously and we have scrapped the concept of Chief ODs and Assistants. Any 2 (or even 1) people can do it. If you are not very experienced, Dave or Matt will be on hand to offer you advice and help.
In the current climate it would be preferable for members of the same household, or people who sail together, to be the race team together, but you can socially distance on the Committee boat, so this is not essential. You can also wear masks if you want. If you are really concerned about this, just book your duty later in 2021 when, hopefully, a vaccine will be available to all.
Ian Macwhinnie has burnt the midnight oil getting the Race Team Manual ready for the Winter series, with new instructions about how to run the automated system. Perhaps not a work of literature, but certainly a very useful guide. It can be seen HERE

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