Committee Focus – Rodger Webb

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This week we hear from our long-standing and humorous Treasurer, Rodger Webb.

How did you get into sailing? I am a bit of a Jonny come lately to sailing; some time around the late 80s my wife booked me on an offshore competent crew course to get me away from business for a weekend. I enjoyed it but spent most of the time being shouted at and pulling ropes (a bit like being crew on a F15). I didn’t get to learn how to sail. I joined Draycote to learn the basics. Still haven’t got them!

How did you join DWSC? I had a friend, Rob Hadley, some of you may remember him. He introduced me to Draycote; I enrolled in a few courses and found I enjoyed dinghy racing more than offshore sailing.

Why did you go on the Committee? No one else would and as I ran a small business, I thought I could help out with the accounts. I didn’t realise it would become a second career!

What do you do on the Committee? I try and keep Will quiet most of the time and usually fail. In addition, I produce a report each month, keep an eye on the bank accounts and generally try and stop anyone spending any money and try to encourage the rest of the committee to put the fees up. The job has become infinitely easier with Dave as Manager and Rebecca and Frances in the office.

What’s your best sailing experience? I spent a lot of time on the Isles of Scilly in my teens and early 20s and have sailed and motored there several times since. It is a wonderful place to sail to when the weather is good. Beautiful and welcoming and nothing beats a pint in the Mermaid at the end of a long trip.

And at Draycote? I think I won a race once.

What is your most embarrassing sailing experience? The usual; full capsize in an F15 outside the club house. I blame Kevin.

Who inspires you? Apart from Dear Leader (Commodore), I am not sure I have particular person. Admiral Thomas Cochrane, British naval flag officer of the Royal Navy, led the most amazing life. Also, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and in more modern times I am a great admirer of James Dyson. The world needs more engineers.

Who would you like to swap places with for a day? Bill Gates, as long as I could have access to his bank account.

Which 4 individuals (living or dead) would you love to have dinner with? I have been strumming my guitar for the last 50+ years and my favourite artist is Jackson Browne so he would be on the list. Along with Professor Alice Roberts the biological anthropologist who is always on the TV. The Greek Philosopher, Epicurus (thoroughly recommend a book called Travels with Epicurus should you wish to find out more about him) and I think, maybe, Rick Stein, he always comes across as a very jolly fellow and he could do the cooking.