End of Year Newsletter

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The RYA have issued their latest guidance and it can be found HERE

The Club remains in Tier 3 and the activities that we have planned can continue.

Those living in Tiers 1 & 2 ‘should avoid travel into Tier 3 areas unless this is necessary to enable individual [& bubble] exercise’ which boating is.

Those living in Tier 4 should not travel to the Club ‘unless it is for one of the exemptions set out in law such as for work, where it is not possible to work from home, or to allow sporting activity for under 18s or those who are disabled to take place’. We would request, for the sake of your fellow members, that any members living in Tier 4 areas respect this.

If we were to move to Tier 4 then all organised sporting activity (e.g. club racing) would have to cease at the club. Informal or self-organised sport is not allowed either, so it would be just individual / bubble cruising that is permitted. An exception is that organised sporting activity would continue to be permitted for under 18s and disabled people (including the Draycote Academy & youth squads).


With the Draycote Dash having been postponed till March we wanted to give our members (only members) the chance to compete in a Dash-like event over the Christmas period. It will consist of 2 back-to-back average lap races over a trapezoid course.

There will be 1 or 2 starts depending on numbers – if 2 starts, the split will be at GLN 1120, so Lasers & faster will be in the first (fast) start and Aero 5s & slower will be in the second (slow) start.

What better excuse to get out of that than the Draycote Double! We look forward to seeing you there!


The Club has successfully completed its project to improve the acoustics in the lounge/ training room and has purchased a portable induction assisted hearing system for use in training rooms. This work makes the Club more accessible for people with hearing impairment and was supported by a £2000 community fund grant from Rugby Borough Council in 2020. We thank the Council for their support and look forward to being able to use the improved facilities when the Club is fully open again sometime in 2021.

Women’s changing room

The improvement work is progressing well. To improve access, the small lockers near the main door are being removed soon; if you currently have a small locker, please let Dave know ASAP, particularly if you have any items still in the locker.

Happy Christmas and looking forward to using the improved facilities next year.
Chris Silver


Please remember to check DutyMan for duties as we revert back to members running the racing in January.
With the new automated start we only need 1-2 people as race officers, but there are lots of unconfirmed duties that need filling.