Changes to Covid rules

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As we all know, from Monday 19th July, the government is relaxing the laws relating to social distancing, leaving it up to ‘individual responsibility’ and organisations to set their own rules.

The Committee has debated this and has decided to follow the government’s lead and relax all mandatory rules relating to social distancing at the Club. However, the Committee strongly recommends that all members and visitors continue to follow the guidelines of:

  • One-way system throughout the building
  • Wearing of face masks while inside the building
  • Restricted numbers in the changing rooms
  • Showers only used in an emergency
  • Arriving at the Club, where possible, ‘beach-ready’

The Committee has agreed that they will abide by these guidelines and asks that all members do so as well.

We are really concerned by the current, and likely future, increase in infections and the real risk that a member attending the Club while infected might cause a large number of other members to have to self-isolate. Obviously if too many of our staff are forced to self-isolate, we will have to close the Club until we have sufficient staff not self-isolating to operate safely.

So, for the good of all our members and staff, please limit the risk of spreading the virus at the Club by following the guidelines.

We will continue to have screens in the wet and lounge bar to protect our staff.

DWSC Committee