Phase 4a Reopening

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Phase 4 Opening

It has been fantastic to see so many boats on the water in our first Wednesday evening and Sunday morning races as a result of our Phase 4 Opening.  We also ran our first socially-distanced open meeting on Saturday which was a great success.

As you are all well aware, things are changing rapidly, and we will now move onto Phase 4A as of Friday 24th April.

Face Coverings In Retail Premises

On that day it becomes a legal requirement for shoppers to wear face coverings in retail premises and this, of course, includes our own shop / Waterside Reception. Staff are not legally required to, but our members and visitors are.

Non-Household / Support Bubble Double-Handed Boats

Following a new instruction from the RYA we are adjusting our position with regard to non-household / support bubble double-handed boats.

It is important to stress that there has been no change in the government guidance on social distancing as it applies in this situation. What has changed is that the RYA has instructed that clubs are not responsible for enforcing these social distancing measures, it is the responsibility of the members concerned to ensure they adhere to social distancing measures when sailing together.

The full wording of the RYA’s position is:

Is it appropriate for people from different households to sail together in the same dinghy, keelboat or yacht?

The Government is trusting people to continue to act responsibly and follow the guidance on what they should and should not do. Therefore, participants will have to make their own decisions on whether they can sail their dinghy, keelboat or yacht whilst maintaining adequate social distancing. From the 4th July social distancing remains at 2 metres unless you use mitigating measures which will allow a reduction to 1 metre plus. On a boat, these mitigations could include (in addition to being outdoors) 1m separation marks on the deck, wearing face coverings, avoiding face to face contact, cleaning procedures, no shouting etc. The risk should be assessed case by case and with the correct mitigation in place, it may now be possible for up to 6 people from different households to sail certain boats.

It is the responsibility of the members concerned to ensure they adhere to social distancing measures when sailing together. Clubs should encourage safe sailing, but are not responsible for enforcing social distancing measures between members on the water sailing together in the same boat.

So, the onus is now on the people wanting to sail a non-household / support bubble double-hander to assess the risk, ensure they maintain adequate social distancing, have the appropriate mitigations in place and to justify their actions if challenged. The committee and staff will not authorise or offer any opinion on the measures taken by members.

In activity beyond the standard member activity, notably youth club, coaching, training and open meetings, non-household / support bubble double-handers will not be permitted to participate under the existing guidance.

The poster below summarises the new phase, and the Risk Assessment and Reopening Roadmap Plan have been updated.