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We are delighted to announce that details to form a Y&J Committee have been finalised, and we are very keen to hold the election for the inaugural commodore and committee in the next few days.

The aim of the commodore/committee is fundamentally about promoting youth and junior sailing at Draycote.   You’ll have a huge say in developing and organising the fleet and events at Draycote.  You’ll get to report to the committee, write reports for Yachts and Yachting and the commodore will be the first name on the new Junior Commodore board in the club house.  Further information is on the link further below.

Youth and Junior members aged 8 and upwards will be able to stand for election to either be the commodore or support the commodore by joining the junior committee of which there will be 4 positions. 

Ordinarily the election will take place before the club’s annual general meeting in November.  But, for this first year, we’ll elect the commodore and committee as soon as we can.  If you are keen to be our first commodore or sit on the first committee, then use the Application Form link below and send it back to us by 4th May please.

Key dates: 

4th May – written proposals/application forms to be in to the office via office@draycotewater.co.uk
5th May – proposals & candidate list of those wishing to stand to be emailed out to all Y&J, & voting opens with a ink to a poll
8th May – Zoom meeting for prospective Commodore’s to read their proposal and answer any questions
9th May – voting closes at 5pm
10th May – Commodore and 4 committee members announced via email newsletter
If we only receive 1 application for Commodore and the 4 applicants for the committee roles, then they will be automatically elected and there will be no need for a Zoom meeting on voting process.
Only the youth and junior members will be able to vote with 1 vote each.  

Jon Hughes
DWSC Youth & Junior Fleet Captain

Norman Byrd
Rear Commodore Sail