Youth and Junior Spring mailer

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Spring is in the air and the start of the new sailing season is almost upon us. If you have been at the club recently you may have noticed that all the Club boats are emerging from their winter hibernation in readiness for training courses, Youth Club and much more!

We have a great calendar of events this year for you all

Everything really gets going towards the end of April. The popular Friday Night Race Training and BBQ (bring your own food) starts on 21st April, and the Saturday Morning Youth Club commences on the following day, 22nd April. These will run every week right through until October. If you are a non-sailing parent/guardian and fancy finding out what great fun sailing can be, we have a number of opportunities throughout the year for you to have a go whilst the youngsters are on the water on Saturday mornings- further information about this is on the second page of our calendar.

We are already running race training on Saturday mornings- please come and join us if you fancy getting going early this year, it will continue until Youth Club starts. You will need your own boat for this.

For this year we have an exciting new opportunity on Sundays, for those keen to have a go at racing. As in previous years, starting in May, we have  “Get Racing” on the first Sunday of each month when there will be a coach available to help you in the morning race- but this year, there will be a special Youth & Novice start EVERY Sunday morning. This means you will have your own start at the end of the start sequence and no longer have to start at the same time as some of the biggest fastest boats at the club- which can be a bit scary! Each month will be treated as a separate race series, so there will be a winner every month. The winners will be announced at the start of the following month on the Get Racing day.

Last year, the camp out after our SoulSailor endurance race was as popular as ever, and the day in our new SB20 keelboats was great fun too, with everyone having a great time; so this year we will have 2 camps and 2 SB20 events! One of the SB20 events being over 2 days with camping over night. We are also hoping to get a team together to go and participate in a 24 hour race near Peterborough at the beginning of July- so even more camping!

There is loads more in the calendar, and we will be adding a few more things which are not finalised yet. we will be telling you in more detail about each event as they draw closer- and don’t forget, you can just come and sail on any day you like (except Christmas Day!) There is always professional safety cover when the water is open.

Finally, although we have a great team of professional staff providing training and safety cover at DWSC, the vast majority the special activities we run for the Youth & Junior fleet are volunteer run. If you feel you can help in any way, please let me know- you do not have to be a sailor, there will be things that need shore side assistance throughout the year. Oh, and a great big thank you to those who have already put themselves forward for another year to help with Youth Club – we couldn’t do it without you!

See you all on the water!

Jonathan Hughes, Youth & Junior Fleet Captain