Race Duties

We are lucky to have such a successful and active club and, being a members’ club, this success depends on everyone volunteering their help whenever possible.

Every racing sailing member aged 16 or over is required to do up to 3 duties over 2 years as a minimum. Non-sailing members often volunteer duties and some sailing members offer extra help on top of their 3 duties which we are very grateful for.

New members are added to the system in October and a welcome message is emailed which contains your login details.

DutyMan is a web based duty roster management system where members can book their own duties and organise duty swaps interactively. Duty reminders are automatically emailed to you.

The next duties are:

Using DutyMan

Please see below for some instructions on using DutyMan for the first time.  There is also a good help section on the DutyMan website itself.

Booking Duties

If you are eligible for OD Duty you will have had an email, at the beginning of November, with a link to the Duty Allocation Form. The subject of the email is ‘Draycote Water Sailing Club: New duties ready for allocation’.  If you are not eligible for duty and would like to help please contact: draycoteod [at]

You book your duties using the Duty Allocation Form on a first come first served basis, crewing members can book the same dates as their Helm. Any unallocated dates will be auto allocated to those who have not booked the minimum requirement.

Select a date you would like and close the form, you are now booked.

If you have logged into DutyMan and cannot find the ‘Duty Allocation Form’, it is in the right hand menu.

When the booking period expires the duties are published to the Roster. If you have not booked a duty you will be auto allocated a date or dates at random. When the duties have been published to the Roster, you will get an email asking you to confirm your attendance. This is the final part of the process. Confirmed duties display a blue tick, this reduces the club administration costs. Reminders are automatically sent, so ensure you monitor the email address you supplied to the club.


The Roster for the next calendar year is published at the beginning of December. A notification of your duties will be emailed to you, which requires you to confirm you will be able to attend.

The confirmation is the final part of the process and vital to it working fully.

  1. Log in to DutyMan.
  2. Go to the Roster section
  3. Click on the red arrow to the left of your duty ‐ your duties will be shown in red.
  4. Click on one of the options shown on the right Confirmed with or without reminders if you can do the duty.
  5. There should now be a blue tick by your duty if you have confirmed.

Swapping Duties

There will be unforeseen circumstances when you will not be able to do your scheduled duty, it is your responsibility as a member to arrange a swap. The member seeking to exchange a duty has the responsibility for the duty until the exchange is arranged & confirmed.

To arrange a swap you must be logged into DutyMan. Your duty will be highlighted in red, click on the swap symbol. Browse through the Roster for people you would like to request a swap with and click on their swap symbol, the more the better. Write a short message in the box provided and click Request

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