The Menagerie Fleet at Draycote draws together all those boats which are not part of the main fleets.

We are the largest fleet at the club and include a wide range of sailing boats, both double and single handers, modern and more traditional. We include many classes with only one or two boats, as well as, for example, the Sprint 15 and other catamarans, of which there are more than 10.

The Menagerie Fleet takes part in the Club Racing on Sundays throughout the year and Wednesday evenings in the summer, with its own starts.

We run our own series of races which are run according to the Great Lakes Handicaps set for each class of boat, so the results are worked out afterwards and based on each boat’s individual average lap speed.

This means we can still have interesting and competitive racing even when racing against other types of boat, with the added excitement of having to wait sometimes a few days or more to find out how we have done!

We run four quarterly series on Sundays and one single series for the Wednesday evenings.

Race Results


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Fleet Captain

Ian Macwhinnie


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