Novice Sailors

Sailing Improvers

This is an informal group led by an experienced sailing member, aimed at new sailors and we’ll be covering key techniques, areas you’re struggling on and answering questions.  The main aim is to build your confidence, ensure you get regular practice to cement your new skills, and for you to meet other new sailors as it really is most fun in a social environment.

We use a WhatsApp chat group which is really helpful to request help in a particular technique and meet other sailors etc. Please do speak to a member of staff or the group leader to be added to this chat group.

Sundays 10am – 12.00pm, April – September.

Free with your own boat, or £5.00 to hire a Club boat.

Novice Racing

Racing can be daunting prospect for novices – it’s not as simple as a ready, set, go race! There’s specific jargon and rules to learn but these sessions aim to simplify and demystify the sport.

We’ll meet on the first Sunday of each month (April – October) at 10am on the patio and the session will be led by experienced Club racers.  This is for all who are new to racing, even if you have been leisure sailing for sometime.

Each session will start with a briefing to discuss the weather and course for the day, and a recap of race essentials including the staggered start sequence. The volunteer will sail out to the start area with you, and then there will be an opportunity to catch up after the race to chat about how it went, ask for advice and ask questions.

The Novice Start will be the last start of Race 1 so all the experienced sailors will go before you and you won’t have to worry about being in their way.

Club boats can be hired for £5.00.

Useful Links

Below are some really helpful bits of info to read and familiarise yourself with before you go out to race. They give you an understanding of the essential rules, how the start sequence works and much more. We also recommend you come along on Sunday mornings to see it all happening too.

Some essential and handy tips to help you get started with club racing at Draycote Water.

A hard copy of the map to keep on your boat is also available from the office.

Worth a look through but you don’t need to know them off by heart to get started.

Rules booklets are available in the Shop. Chat to an Instructor about which ones are relevant just to get you started.

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