Special General Meeting

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Dear Member,
One of the many consequences of the current Covid-19 crisis has been to make General Meetings of an organisation like ours difficult or impossible to hold while abiding by restrictions on gatherings. While our Articles allow for Directors’ (GC) Meetings to be held online, they currently only allow for our General Meetings to be held ‘in person’.
As part of their response to the issues raised by Covid-19, the government’s Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 offers flexibility notwithstanding the requirements laid out in the organisation’s governing documents, allowing General Meetings to be held online. This temporarily relaxes the rules during the ‘relevant period’ which is currently 26th March to 30th September 2020.
This may well get extended, but it may be done late – potentially too late for the required notice period for general meetings. So, the Committee feel they have to act to ensure that members can still be involved in the AGM and have a say in the running of the Club.
We are therefore going to hold a General Meeting online to propose amendments to our Articles to allow us to hold General Meetings (and particularly this year’s Annual General Meeting) online if required. The General Meeting to consider the amendments will be held on:

Wednesday, 23rd September, 18.30-18.45

Here is the formal notice of the meeting and the proposals.

Details for joining the meeting are:
Meeting ID: 881 4951 0784 (or click this LINK)
Password: DWSC-GM

It is vital that we have a quorum at this meeting (30 Club Members) so that the Articles can be amended. Although not a requirement, it would be extremely helpful if those intending to attend could e-mail the office with their name(s) and a contact telephone number. We can then work towards ensuring we have at least 30 members present online.
Assuming these proposals are passed, the AGM itself will be held as planned on Wednesday 4th November at 19.30 – highly likely to be online.
With best wishes
Jeremy Atkins