Car Park Barrier

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Barrier By Visitor Centre

After a rather long wait, the traffic barrier by the Visitor Centre is now operational.


To operate the barrier, members should present their membership cards or fobs to the upper part of the keypad (as for the doors in the clubhouse). If you do not have your membership card / fob, you will not be able to get through the barrier.


We hope that this barrier will reduce some of the pressure on our car parks, preventing members of the public using them.


Your membership card / fob should also be used to operate the doors to the Clubhouse. From now on, codes for access to the Club will only be given to visitors, so please make sure that you have your membership cards / fobs when you visit the Club.


New cards are available for £3 each and fobs for £2.


Membership cards / fobs for those not renewing their membership will be deactivated on 1st April.